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Granite is an igneous rock. It has formed from hot magma deep in the earth’s crust. Granite is usually comprised of various minerals, such as quartzite. Granite is a durable stone. Therefore this stone is often used for the production of monuments and gravestones. The size, arrangement and chemical composition of these materials provide granite with colours. Granite can be perfected in the following ways: polished, dressing, smoothed, burning, quarried.


It is a limestone emerging from pressing and crystallization. Because of its composition, marble gains perfect shine and is obtained of various colours and patterns. Marble is basically comprised of calcite – affected by nature, it quickly loses the colour and fades. Therefore it is rarely used for monument and gravestone production. Marble is a good idea for the bathroom and fireplace decoration.


Travertine is a natural stone of the limestone kind. It is composed of calcium carbonate. It is usually used for tabletops and floor. Travertine is sensitive to heat, laceration, painting, acid, including citric acid. For these reasons, this stone is rarely used for monument and gravestone production.


Onyx is a semiprecious stone which is often used for decorations. Because of its elegance and beauty, it has become a luxurious building material.