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We have already heard many times – what to use – granite, marble or stone imitation? Why should I create and apply natural stone products – usually ask the designers and architects. We provide several arguments which will help you decide.

1. Exceptional nature’s present

Stone – the product created by nature, having individual features, which have been formed by the Earth for millions of years. Every kind of the stone is unique in its mineral composition, features, forms and possibilities of processing. As building and decoration material, it takes an inimitable position. It can be used anywhere and with any other material.

2. Ecologic

The cycle of natural stone mining, production and recycling demands minimal energy consumption, and practically there is no waste in its production. Stone, as material, is already produced by nature. The process does not use energetic resources for the production of building material. You just need to obtain and process the product of the desired shape. Stone is mined in comparably small quarries not using the explosives. Unused waste can be fragmented or grinded, stone tiles as well as conglomerate products (casted marble tabletops, sills), scotches, etc. are made. Nothings is lost performing the cycle of mining, production and recycling.

3. Environment friendly

As the most ecological building material in the world, stone has not absorbed any harmful materials which could make damage. It can be used in all living environment: both in interior and exterior décor. Stone is fire resistant and when burning nearby, does not emit any harmful materials. Using natural stone products, no additional chemical preservatives are necessary. Natural oils are used for the protective layer.

4. So various and different

Any other building material is not so rich in the variety of colours and patterns. Differently processed surface (dresses, polished, quarried, burnt, aged) creates practically unlimited assortment. Wide choice allows the architects and designers making projects reflecting the character and atmosphere, and properly performing the finish works according to the requirements given.

5. For meeting the individual needs

Natural stone is obtained in blocks, later it is cut in desirable sizes and shapes. The shape can be easily adapted according to the project’s requirements. Modern processing machinery, used for stone processing, allows adapting the process of processing to the customers’ needs.

6. Durable

Most of building materials become worn several years later, they get old morally and they are not suitable for recycling. On the contrary, natural stone gains the glamour of nature which does not affect its beauty. Many stones are as good wine – become even more valuable with age. Besides, it is simple and not expensive to maintain and renew the stone decoration and products. Designing properly, building and performing the decoration works, stone can delight for thousands of years.

7. Three-dimensional

Any desirable shape can be obtained from stone: round, square, plane, etc. Those, who have seen stone cornices, pillars, portals or housings, will really appreciate aesthetical results, and those, who perform the works of façade finish, will guarantee that it is a strong and durable decision.

8. Price and quality ratio

Independent studies demonstrated that, if to calculate the price of building materials through the prism of 30 or more years, stone is not more expensive than similar synthetic materials. Purchasing expenditures are relatively compensated by small cost of material maintenance and renewal as well as durability.

9. Perfect features

Natural stone is a very good thermal conductor. Stone facades absorb the sun. In this way, an undesirable overheat of the building is avoided. The experiments demonstrated that much less energy is used for air conditioning than for the building with glass facade (100 - 150 kWh /m2 and 300 -700 kWh /m2).

10. Strong

Great resistance to compression is characteristic to many kinds of stone. It is the best material for floor covering – it is strong and durable. Granite floor will not have almost any features of deterioration even several decades later.